"Take a Havalon, Take Control!" - Peter Kuhlmann

At Havalon, we love becoming a part of every hunter’s experience. With our top-quality hunting and skinning knives, there’s no job that’s too big for us to handle ... not even a grizzly. Just listen to what Peter Kuhlmann of Prince George, British Columbia had to say about our hunting knives:

“Havalon Knives have been with me over the past 3 years on several hunting trips. My most recent trip was a spring grizzly hunt in Northern B.C. at the end of May this year. It was my first-ever grizzly hunt and I was fortunate enough to take home my first grizzly. After shooting my grizzly, the hard work began. I pulled out my Havalon and to my surprise my 2 buddies also pulled out Havalon knives. It was quite the coincidence that we all had the same brand. We made short work of that bear and had him caped out and ready to pack out inside of 30 minutes. The knives worked very well, and there was no damage to the bear hide or our own. Thank you for being a part of my success.”

Whether you’re field dressing and skinning an elk, deer or a grizzly, with Havalon you never lose your edge!

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