Spring Turkey Hunting Tips: Free eBook Press Release

CINCINNATI, April 3, 2013/ Havalon Knives has published a free eBook titled, 51 Of The Hottest Tips, Tricks And Tactics for Spring Turkey Hunting Success. Just in time for Spring turkey hunting seasons in most states, this new eBook features the collected wisdom of professional hunters and authors Steve Sorensen, Vikki Trout, John Trout Jr., Judd Cooney and William Clunie. Readers of all skills levels will enjoy the insights of these experienced hunters. Beginning and intermediate level hunters will benefit from the wealth of information provided to improve their chances for hunting success. Interested readers can access a copy of the free eBook by clicking on this link: See 51 Of The Hottest Tips, Tricks and Tactics For Spring Turkey Hunting Success. Or they can find a link on the home page of the Havalon Knives website. This new title is the sixth eBook published by Havalon Knives. Their other eBook titles include, • The Ultimate Guide To Deer Hunting Success (2012) • Turkey Hunting Secrets You Must Know This Spring (2012) • Best Fall Turkey Hunting Tips Ever (2012) • How To Process and Cook Killer Venison (2012) • Fishing Fever, How To Explode Your Catch (2012) Readers can access all of these free eBooks here: See Havalon Free eBooks About Havalon Knives Havalon Knives originated in 2005 as a division of Havel's Incorporated. With its unique quick-change surgical blades, Havalon Knives is the fastest growing new knife brand in the USA for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. To learn more about “The World’s Sharpest Hunting Knives,” visit www.havalon.com or call today: Contact: Patrick Carrothers pcarrothers@havels.com 888 836-3204

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