Sharpest Hunting Knives - Rusty Kuyper, OR

Hunting is a huge passion for me, and I like to help the kids I work with get off to a good start with products that work, not just TV hype. My guiding is limited to donated youth hunts or to organizations like SCI. And, having won the Oregon Hunters Association’s Land Owner of the Year Award, I like to support and advertise the products that I use. Not even a $150 knife, and a high-end sharpener, can come close to your knives. I can honestly say that your knives are the best. As far as jointing, with a few cuts in the right places the process is simple and quick.

When castrating bull calves, ranchers like that your knife is “flat sharp” at all times. It’s a madhouse when marking and branding is going on and I used to have 4 or 5 knives handy so that one was always sharp. Your knife solves that problem.

Your product is great, and I am going to use it and promote it. I will be taking some of the guys from Nosler Bullets out and I bet they are going to love this knife as well. I really appreciate your help and great

product. ~ Rusty

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