Great Skinning Knife, Ron Horejsi, Arizona

I thought I would pass along my story about the use of one of your Piranta knives...

In August this year I went on Safari in Zimbabwe, Africa for tuskless elephant and cape buffalo. On the first day of the hunt I was fortunate to encounter a barren tuskless cow, and put her down where she stood.

My daypack with skinning knives was still in the landcruiser some 3 1/2 hours away, but I was carrying my Piranta knife with ten extra blades in its holster. While we waited for the land cruisers arrival, I began to skin, quarter and bone out the top side of the elephant with the Piranta and my hunting partners dull military knife.

Long story short, my Piranta skinned, quartered and boned-out 1/2 an elephant! My PH - Ian - was duly impressed.

In the next two days we took another cow and cape buffalo. What a hunt! I'm glad I had that Piranta hanging on my ammo belt.

Thanks for a great-sharp knife. I've gotten my replacement blades and I'm ready for another adventure.

~ Ronald Horejsi

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