How to Choose The Best Deer Hunting Knives
by G. Whittington

Gordon Whittington of North American Whitetail writes about how to choose the best deer skinning knife. Here is what he says about the Havalon Piranta...

"Do you have trouble making delicate, precise cuts when caping a buck? Don’t know how to put a great edge on a skinning blade? Get a Havalon Piranta and say adios to both issues. With its 2.75-inch stainless steel blade, the Piranta might sound wimpy, but for caping and skinning—as well as slicing a deer’s soft belly tissue while maintaining total control—it’s downright manly. You’re literally operating with a blade sharp enough to make a surgeon smile. Dulling isn’t an issue, either—just pop in a fresh #60XT blade as needed. The Piranta isn’t made for hacking bone, but it’s great for those parts of the hunt that demand an ultra-sharp blade. This makes it an affordable, can’t-miss choice."

To read Gordon's full article, just click here.

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