Good bear and deer skinner - Michael Madsen,WI
A very good friend (who is a taxidermist in Montana) introduced me to the Piranta several years ago while hunting with him out there. He's had 40 years of experience in taxidermy, but it is just amazing to watch him skin & process an animal using this knife. He is able to skin & de-bone most bears in a matter of minutes with the Piranta.

It has replaced every other knife I use for hunting, fishing, work, and hobbies.

The blades hold their edge very well, and I am able to completely process a whitetail deer with a single blade; from field dressing, skinning, de-boning, and final meat trimming. Due to the sharpness, this is done very quickly and easy. There is no sawing action or heavy cutting involved, you just touch the tissue, and it immediately cuts through. Ligaments & tendons offer little to no resistance, and de-boning is usually done very quickly & precisely.

This knife combined with a wire pull-through bone saw are the only tools I use for processing everything from Elk on down to squirrels.

I now just laugh at the "hunting" knives section in the big outdoor catalogs.

The cost, weight, size, and inconvenience of sharpening these types of knives isn't fully realized until you own a Piranta.

Michael Madsen from Wisconsin

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