Blade for Skinning Hogs - Mike Weathers, TX

Last Saturday I went hog hunting with some buds and their dogs. We caught six hogs for a party they were planning that night. These were younger fellows and none of them had ever gutted a hog before.

Since I’m always hunting or fishing for something, I keep a spare skinner in the truck. One of the guys showed me this knife that looked like a scalpel, so wanting to show these guys the right way to process a wild hog, I took off. I was amazed at the sharp blade and how effortless it was to skin and clean the hog, it usually takes a few sharpenings on one of my best knives, not so with the Havalon. I skinned four hogs before I let one of the rookies try what I had shown them. My hands didn't cramp up, the light weight of the knife was incredible.

Today is Monday, ordered two Havalon’s and 200 blades.
*Safety Note* watch the video on how to change the blade, even after skinning 6 hogs,one of the rookies almost cut his finger off trying to replace the blade (it didn’t need changing).

Great Product, can’t wait to get mine and show all my hunting buddies!!!!!!!!!!!

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