"Looked and Performed like a Surgical Blade" - Shannon Swanson
At Havalon, our goal is for every hunter to experience a new kind of sharp. With our surgical precision blades and lightweight handles, you can forget the heavy packs and extra equipment and focus on what really matters: your hunt. By using a Havalon, you’ll be on the leading edge of sharpness, guaranteed. See what Shannon Swanson of Nampa, Idaho had to say about our hunting and skinning knives:

“My husband and I have been using Havalon knives for years now. We are both in the medical field and we were extremely interested in Havalon when we realized they looked and performed just like a surgical blade! One blade stays sharp for the task of field dressing a deer, and we might go through two for an elk or larger game. We do most of the butchering and processing of our harvested game ourselves, and it’s so convenient when all we have to do is pop on a new blade when one gets dull. There is a reason similar blades are used in surgery. One of my favorite things to hear after we have an animal on the ground is, ‘Where’s the Havalon?!’ Everyone we hunt with knows that Havalon is the way to go!”

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