Best bear skinning knife - Louis A. Cusack, Alaska
I just wanted to say thanks for making a great product. I just returned from our annual Black Bear Hunting Trip in Prince William Sound, Alaska. This was my first time using my Piranta in the field, and my plan was to use it for caping my bears once they were skinned. To make a long story short, I skinned and caped four bears with this knife. I only changed blades once during the last part of caping the fourth bear.

For this amount of work, my conventional knife (which never left my pack) would have needed several time consuming sharpenings. What a great new tool to have in the field. You can bet I am going to be passing these on as gifts to my favorite hunting buddies. To top it off, the wife loves hers, too.

Louis Cusack, One of the Original Bear Thugs

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