An Interview with Creig Butler from Red Bear Guides, Anchorage, Alaska
Creig Butler believes that the Piranta Edge is the best knife for his business. He hunts brown bears.

Butler is the owner and operator of Red Bear Guides in Anchorage, Alaska. One of his fifty guides can take you on a number of hunts, including Moose, Caribou and Grizzly Bears. His guides can also accompany you on a wilderness walk to protect you from the unpredictable Alaskan terrain. They know how to spot a floating bog and how to shoot a bear. They also know how to skin one.

“Long, dirty hair dulls a blade pretty bad,” Butler says, “…when you’re trying to skin something out you can carpet your house with.” Injuries occur if the blade gets too dull during use. Applying excessive pressure can add a little danger to the endeavor, as well.

“When we’re caping, the sharper, the better."

“The Edge is the best because in a matter of seconds you can put on another sharpest-blade-in-the-world. We don’t have to put force,” says Butler. It’s quicker and there’s less chance of injury. You can hurt yourself more with a dull knife.” A dull knife can also slow you down. “The Edge is a good option for hunters. It won’t slow you down to sharpen the blade.” Butler believes the Piranta Edge is the best for a bevy of reasons.

“The fact that it’s orange is fantastic,” Butler says. “Green and black knives are easy to lose. People set them down and walk away and can’t find them. But it’s hard to find good knives in orange.” The Piranta Edge is a good knife, and orange. It’s small and light-weight. And, it requires no sharpening.

“That’s a huge benefit,” Butler says. “Small knives are better for caping. And we need a flexible, sharp, thin blade to do the fine work. It’s a useful tool.” All fifty guides carry the Piranta Edge and it’s in all the survival gear.

“It’s the right tool for guides in Alaska. Clients want what our guides use because we usually have the neatest, greatest things.” The Edge goes in the ultra-light pack.

“The older we get, the lighter we like it.”

To hear the roar of the wild, click here Red Bear Guides of

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