How To Hunt Hot, Early-Season Deer by Bob Robb
Tips and Tactics for Filling Your Deer Tags
Long Before the Rut
It was hot. Real hot, dang hot, the kind of heat that makes a man sweat like he’s in an oven even while sitting in the shade. Still, I liked my chances. I’d found a small, secluded water hole on the edge of thick woods situated about a quarter mile from a big green field. There were deer tracks all over the edge, so I set a stand on the downwind side of the pond where I’d be buried in afternoon shade and gave it a go.

It took three evenings before a dandy 8-point stopped by for a drink with just enough light left to see my sight pins. He’d been bedding nearby and was on his way to have supper in the field. Instead, he got to ride in the back of my truck.

This global warming thing may or may not be the real deal, but what I do know is where I hunt whitetails during the early seasons, it sure has been hot lately. Real hot. The kind of hot that makes everything that walks or crawls go underground during the heat of the day.

Those of us who enjoy bowhunting during the early seasons have to deal with the heat. We fight off the biting insects and buzzing flies, make sure our stands are in a shady spot that catches whatever breeze may be blowing, and stay well hydrated. In this we are a lot like deer. And knowing that deer are just as uncomfortable as you are when the weather is hot is a big step on the road to getting a shot at one in T-shirt & shorts weather.

After three decades of whitetail hunting from August to New Year’s day, I have come to believe there are a few rules that, when followed, will at least give you a fighting chance to kill a deer when the mercury soars. These include hunting field edges, hunting only in the afternoon, and hunting over water.

Hunt in the Afternoon

I only hunt afternoons early on for one simple reason. In really hot weather the chances of... click here to read the rest of Bob's article on The Havalon Post.

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