How To Replace A Havalon Knives® Blade - PDF

Always Use Caution with These Blades!


Knives are dangerous tools if not used properly. This knife uses surgically sharp blades and must be used with the utmost care and caution. Any use of your knife other than slitting and slicing is considered abuse and will void your warranty. Do not put sideways pressure on the cutting blade. Do not cut so the blade twists or bends. Do not use excessive force trying to cut tough materials. Do not use this knife to whittle or carve. All of these actions can cause the blade to break or snap off the handle. Do not use this knife to shave. Do not use knife unless the blade has been locked into the open position. This knife is designed for skinning, slitting and gutting. Replace the blades before they become so dull that you must use significant pressure to cut. Keep this knife out of the reach of children! Properly dispose of used blades so they do not endanger children or pets. Liability Waiver and Buyer’s Responsibility The purchase, use and ownership of knives are subject to a variety of state and local laws. It is impossible for Havalon Knives to be aware of every restriction in every location in which this knife is used. It is the responsibility of the buyer to comply with all laws that apply in their area. You, and not Havalon Knives, are solely responsible for any claims resulting from violation of laws and regulations. This knife is sold for legitimate sporting purposes only.
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