Steve Sorensen reviews Havalon Knives for field dressing
Steve Sorensen is an award-winning outdoor writer whose regular column appears in three Pennsylvania newspapers: the Warren Times Observer, the Forest Press, the Brookville Mirror, as well as Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine. He's written for all the big outdoor magazines as well. He's even written a great article for Havalon (see the link below). Here's an excerpt of a review of Havalon knives for field dressing and skinning we found posted on his blog:

"You’ve seen lots of advertisements for cutting tools which use that word “surgical.” Usually it means almost nothing, but here it means everything. Why? Because these blades are actual surgical scalpel blades made by Havel’s, a long-time medical supply company. They’re the very same blades surgeons use in operating rooms across the nation. They wouldn’t use them if they weren’t the best.

I recently field dressed a deer with the Havalon Piranta. I barely had to touch the blade to the animal’s skin to start a small incision. I inserted the blade, sharp edge up, and opened the abdominal cavity like it had a zipper.

One of the difficult spots in field dressing is proper removal of what we politely call the “vent.” The elasticity of the tissues in that area make it a challenge to cut through with precision. The Havalon knife is so sharp that it slides right through."

Read the complete review at The Everyday Hunter and read Steve's article on How To Field Dress a Deer Like a Pro.

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