"Glides right through the toughest of hides" - Glenn Mau
At Havalon, we strive to make every hunter’s experience in the field easier and better than they ever imagined. From big game to small game and everything in between, our surgically sharp replaceable blades and lightweight handles help cut down your time and lighten the load along the way. Just look at what Glenn Mau of Campbell, California had to say about our hunting knives:

“I want to say that your knife is the very best my son and I have ever used! We purchased a Piranta after watching someone use one to skin a deer. We noticed how sharp it was and how easy it was to replace the blades. Talk about a time saver! Just remove the old blade and put on a new one. It’s that easy! We have used it on deer and on wild California boars. Your knife easily glides right through the toughest of hides and makes skinning easy instead of a chore. I bought one knife for my son and I to share, but he too realized how sharp they were and has now claimed it as his own. I will definitely be buying another one soon. Thank you for making such a great sharp knife!”

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