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CINCINNATI, OH, USA - July, 2013 – Havalon Knives has published a free eBook titled, Bass Fishing-Insanely Simple & Effective Ways to Catch More Bass. Bass Fishing-Insanely Simple & Effective Ways to Catch More Bass contains the following useful information: ●Secrets to shaky head fishing
●The author’s favorite hot spots
●Which type of fishing line to use during different situations This eBook is one of an ongoing series of eBooks being released by Havalon Knives teaching any and all anglers the secrets of top fishing experts in the industry. These guides will assist the average fisherman by showing how to become more successful and well-rounded in the field. A variety of skills will be taught and a variety of fish will be covered throughout the series, including bass, trout and more. Featured in these eBooks are experts such as Darl Black, Mike Bleech, Judd Cooney, William Clunie and Steve Sorensen. Interested readers can access a copy of the free eBook by clicking on this link: Bass Fishing-Insanely Simple & Effective Ways to Catch More Bass. Or they can find a link on the home page of the Havalon Knives website. Readers can access all of Havalon‘s free eBooks by clicking here. About Havalon Knives: Havalon Knives originated in 2005 as a division of Havel's Incorporated. With its unique quick-change surgical blades, Havalon Knives is the fastest growing new knife brand in the USA for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. To learn more about "The World’s Sharpest Hunting Knives," visit or call today: For more information on Havalon Knives contact:
Paul Schwartz 1-800-638-4770
Division Sales Manager

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