Finest Field Dressing Skinning Knife - Kevin Gierat

My compliments. Bought a Piranta the other day as we just started carrying them and was curious. This is the finest field dressing/skinning/game processing knife I own...and I own them all. Unbelievable! Great concept. I am not only your partner in getting your knives into sportsmen and womenÂ’s hands, but a lifelong customer from here on out.

It has become my everyday carry knife, No kidding. I can't believe how great it is. I was one of those guys who was always chasing the "perfect edge". Got to be pretty good at sharpening, but jeez, that becomes an obsession....As for my name and position, you go right ahead and put it in there. I am proud of the job I do, am good at it, and am well respected and I own what say. I would be honored. Thanks for a great knife.

Kevin J. Gierat
Hunting Manager
Bass Pro Shops
Bolingbrook, IL

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