Do Baracuta Blades Fit the Havalon Piranta Knives?

A few people have asked, "Do Baracuta blades fit our Piranta knives? No, Baracuta blades have a bigger fitment slot in order to grip the bigger blade and it is farther up the blade tang. The Baracuta blades would be too prone to breaking if we made them fit the Pirantas. One of the many challenges in making surgical-type blades is in managing the breaking point of the steel while still using the thinnest strip of steel you can. The thickness of the blade steel has a big impact on how "sharp" you can make its edge. And for "surgical-quality sharpness" you have to be thinner rather than thicker. So, as a manufacturer you are faced with a tradeoff. You've got very critical decisions to make in a whole range of variables, but to win on "sharpness" you have to give up some ground on strength. Likewise, to win with a longer blade, you have to add thickness. That brings up another frequently heard question, "What good is a knife if the blade has the possibility of breaking anyway?" Yes, Havalon knives feature blades that will break under significant sideways pressure or twisting. We do not try to hide this fact. We do, however, try to educate users how to get the benefits of our blades by learning how to use them. Once you learn to go easy with slitting and slicing motions only, you will find our knives to be outstanding skinning, caping and deboning tools. Thousands of hunters, pro guides, taxidermists and industrial cutters who all have tough work to do requiring repeated slicing and slitting tell us they will never go back to a "traditional" style knife again. They choose Havalon.

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