Dall Sheep, Tight Places, and Havalon Knives - Scott Smith

The Havalon Piranta skinning knife saved my butt....

This past August (2012) found me on a solo Dall sheep hunt way up in the mountains of the Yukon. I humped around in the hills for several days looking for a mature ram. Finally late one evening I had my dream ram in my cross hairs and shortly after, I was holding him in my very own hands. But not before he kicked his legs a few times and tumbled down an avalanche shoot some 1000' down. Looking at the steep grade of this slide, and reminding myself I was only one person, I opted to empty most of the contents of my pack at the top of the slide. Taking only some game bags, a tarp, my camera, and my "HAVALON" knife, I meandered my way down to the ram.

After several minutes of admiring this magnificent beast and taking all the pictures I could. I pulled out the only knife on my person. I carefully caped out, skinned, and deboned my ram with only this knife. I could have easily done this all with one blade, but while trying to cut some of the major joints I broke a couple of the replaceable blades, so I changed blades and carried on. Finishing well into the night, I was able to pack the meat, head, horns, and all my gear to the top of the slide in one trip.

Had I brought more gear down with me, I'm not sure I would have managed. This climb was hard enough as is.

Thank you for such a trust worthy, durable, slick, lightweight, affordable, and razor sharp product. I will be buying more of these in the future to give to some of my friends and family.

I think every hunter should add one of these knives to their arsenal.

Scott Smith

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