Best skinning and caping knives - Brice Folden, Canada
Dear Sir,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for developing such a fine product. It is rare these days, when an individual as passionate about hunting and fishing as myself, discovers a product that impresses me as profoundly as your Havalon Piranta knives have.

Simply put, Piranta knives are an absolutely exceptional product, and one that more outdoor oriented men and women should be utilizing and carrying afield.

With a single blade, I was able to completely cape, a partially frozen, 192 lb cougar with ease, and did not put a single nick in his hide. Flawless skinning and flawless performance from Havalon.

I have since introduced numerous other outdoorsmen and taxidermists to these knives, and converted them into believers as well.

It is refreshing and rare indeed, when you get your hands on a product that not only meets your expectations, and lives up to the manufacturerÂ’s promise, but wildly exceeds them.

Thanks so very much for creating a legendary product, certain to be an asset in all of my future hunts!!!

Very Best Regards,
Brice Folden, Canada

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