Best Knife for Skinning Elk - Marty Getch, WA

I have had my Piranta for three years and been fortunate enough to get to use it on three elk. This year my hunting partner and his dad had bulls down in the first hour of opening day. By the time we were done breaking down the two bulls, the two of them and one other guy that was with us, were wanting to know what kind of knife it was and where to get one.

Your product sells itself every time someone sees it used. I have bought my other hunting partners Piranta's so I don't have to share mine :) I sent your website link to the guys that were with me this year. I will never be without my Havalon while hunting. I am a Firefighter and the amount of guys in our department that hunt and carry your knives is amazing. They're always telling others they need one. Thanks again.

Marty Getch
Battle Ground, WA

P.S. I was wishing I had a second Havalon knife this season because I let one of the other guys use mine and didn't get it back till we were done. Here is a picture of my first Archery Elk from two years ago, this was the first time I had used my Piranta and was by myself. Breaking down an elk is never easy but is even harder by yourself and that knife made things go so much better.

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